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OPEN CALL for Shoebox Sculpture Biennale 2023

“The Sky, The Land, & The Sea”, the first ever Shoebox Sculpture Biennale in Singapore invites 163 local sculptors to explore the application of traditional sculpture and to imagine contemporary craftsmanship alongside the changing landscape of contemporary art practices in Singapore.

PROJECT BRIEF: “Sightseeing Sculpture: The Sky, The Land, and The Sea” – a spectacle horizon formed by 163 micro-parallel-universes, one could ride on this pixelated macro spectrum, glide above the cloudy sky, wander on the trembling land, dive and submerge under the silent sea.

Comprising two key components, foremost is “The Sky, The Land, and The Sea” the Shoebox Sculpture Biennale 2023 (Open Call). Next is “Sightseeing Sculpture”, a series of guided tour programmes to navigate audiences through varying curatorial lenses and contemporary narrations. It offers multiple alternative visions on various horizons of the sculpture landscape in Singapore.

Co-organized by Sculpture 2052 and Sculpture Society (Singapore), in-collaboration with Artists Caravan and a group of young sculptors of our time, “Sightseeing Sculpture: The Sky, The Land, and The Sea” is one of the latest research endeavor expanding upon the 2021, Re-THINGing Sculpture Project by Sculpture Society (Singapore) to showcase the works of local sculptors.


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