Genetic Landscape Exhibition

Jennifer Teo

Exhibition poster

When Artists Caravan invited us to join the Genetic Landscape project in October last year, I didn’t realise it was going to take so long—not that it’s a bad thing! The slower pace is necessary because many artists have day jobs, and it is also good because there is a lot of time for everyone to think about the theme and work through their own processes of artmaking. Also, with the pandemic, everything just takes a longer time.

Setting up X (15 Stories) (Photo credit: Lee Ju-Lyn)

The Genetic Landscape exhibition is finally up! The artworks shown are developments from the ones in the zine, and as with the publication, there is a diverse range of interpretations of the theme as well as very different aesthetics. It’s also interesting to see all the artworks take form in a physical space.

I really enjoyed working on Genetic Landscape…

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Genetic Landscape Exhibition 4th Aug to 13th Aug 2020

Genetic Landscape exhibition is an expansion of concepts and ideas from our zine publication. Our zine contributors were invited to expand upon their investigation of Genetic Landscape into the physical space of Substation. Hence the exhibition will present largely newly developed art works – expansion from their works in the zine. Artists Caravan’s journerys aspire towards moments where dots connect and the gestalt are revealed. Similarly with Genetic Landscape, we want to expand the conversation of land and human to include perspective and stories from the eyes of its people, especially from the arts and cultural community.

The Substation
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‘Coming Home’ Virtual Exhibition by the Substation

Artists Caravan is part of the ‘Coming Home’ Virtual Exhibition by the Substation. This exhibition showcase the substation Associate Artists Programme and features local artists and arts collective from Singapore.

The virtual exhibition can be view at 
Dates: 26 June — 25 July
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