Where I begin: These metaphorical interpretations of the body and the land

Genetic Landscape Zine #01

Check out the preview of the zine in the video below!

Genetic Landscape Zine 01, Where I Begin

Art & Design Speculative Fiction- Atas Zine | Includes handling and shipping to Singapore.| Published: 2020 Dimension: 297mm x 210mm Extent: 109 pages Finish: Paperback Published by: Artists Caravan

30.00 S$


Genetic Landscape is an independent, full-coloured zine publication organized, edited and publish by Artists Caravan (AC), featuring 4 members from AC and 9 collaborators from our very own arts village. We chose the zine as an environment for this initiative primarily for the roots and spirit that zines embody.

Our collaborators were invited to explore and curate the zine environment the way they would with a physical exhibition space. Genetic Landscape #01’s theme engaged our collaborators to explore and exchange ideas – to propose solutions to rethink, reinvent and recover the social and cultural aspect of land and bodies.

The zine’s cover is a collaborative Artwork (using the exquisite corpse game method) as a collage of all participating artists in this zine. In the table of contents, you will find individual artists and their art works. There is also a link (Page 106) to an archive of video recordings of artists’ dialogues where the artists elaborate on their concepts, working processes and inspirations. Hence, we invite you to explore the art works presented, play around with those interactive art works and watched the archive of artists’ dialogues to experience this zine in its fullest output. An exhibition of new developed works expanding from GL issue #01 will also be put up in August 2020. 


Ahdini and Liza are 2 young artists and recent alumnus of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, each with very exciting practice and development. Ju-lyn is already publishing her own regular zine titled NOTION. Ahdini is currently taking the role of script-writing for short films and Liza is a co-founder of the cross culture/country collective @thedungbeeproject. Shuxia has participated in a series of AC projects. Kai and Timothy both work with photography. KeshuYe is a trained Arts Psychotherapist. Sharmeen/Sifar is a multi-disciplinary artist and works on social urgency issues. Jennifer is co-founder of Post-Museum. Mei Hsien, Joey.spl, Yinghan and Xiao Yun are from Artists Caravan. And we are honoured to have independent researcher and writer, Yeo Wei Wei to word the forward for us.

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