Christine Tee

Christine loves forests and gardens. She is passionate about sharing and
spreading her love for nature with her friends and others through the volunteer-guided tours which she conducts on weekends. Otherwise, any ideal solo off-day for her starts with hopping into any forest at the break of dawn, returning to her little cozy garden flat for buttered toast with freshly brewed coffee, and then couching with a book of any genre, taking breaks only to cook up a deliciously spicy meal, to lay out a traditional English tea and to blend colourful vegetables for a warm bowl of soup at the fall of dusk. Her current life is made up of simple joys like these.

Memoir Title

My Convent at Victoria Street

About the memoir

Some years after CHIJMES opened in 1996, I visited it for the first time only to
have to sit most uncomfortably through a working lunch in a private dining
room which used to be my Secondary Two classroom two decades ago! Images of my school days started to appear in my head unstoppably, and I found myself revisiting CHIMES increasingly afterwards. I soon realised I was suffering from a deepening regret of having taken for granted a most unique environment that I was schooled in for an entire decade. It was a charmingly harmonised space,
almost a utopia, shared by four distinct communities of women – the Roman
Catholic nuns, the orphan girls whom the nuns took in and cared for, the
schoolgirls of the English-medium and the Chinese-medium schools which the
nuns established more than a century ago. I started to yearn for turning back the clock in order that I could more fully appreciate all that I had missed within the four grey walls of the Convent that existed once upon a time. My yearning
could only be partly fulfilled through recording in a memoir the remaining
fragments of memories of my personal experiences and emotions. These may be fragments but they subconsciously must have had such lasting and powerful impact in my later life that they remain most vivid till today.


Ong Xiao Yun


Unstate 05 Series

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#05-05, 10 Minute Audio interview with Christine Tee about her love of nature

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