Koh Gek Ling Emily

Emily cares greatly about Place. Inscribed with meaning and personal experience, she believes that places help to root human beings in their identity and are signposts for their growth as pilgrims on a journey. These vital connections help to complete the human person. Emily loves walking from place to place; she uses her legs to wander about and also relies on ink to traverse her inner geography.

Memoir Title

Reconstructing Labrador Villa Road

About the memoir

I wrote this story because my maternal grandmother and her old house at Labrador Villa Road were both very important and formative to me in my childhood years. I have nothing material to remember my grandmother by, but her blood flows in my mum and in me. As for the house, these words are my attempt to bring it back into the physical realm. Now that the written word has made the memory concrete, this place cannot be torn down by anyone again. This story is dedicated to my beloved grandmother and to all who love her and this unknown piece of land.



Artwork: Journeying through the internal landscape

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