Ng Sok Huang Charlene

Charlene has been greatly influenced by her father’s entrepreneur mindset and wisdom. After her first two full time jobs, she became an entrepreneur at the age of 23. Her love for reading and writing led to her childhood ambition to become a teacher, was further confirmed by her love for her secondary school English teacher Miss Wong Ah Lew. Life is not a bed of roses. On one fateful morning, she had an out-of-body experience after which the psychiatrist diagnosed her with mild depression. The journey out of it was extremely tough and it took a huge toll on her health and she gave up all that she had worked hard for. Through a misfortune in the eyes of man, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as she was deeply supported
by her parents, brothers and sisters from church. She chooses to remain as a freelance educator to avail herself to her family in need. Her young
charges call her Cheerful Teacher Charlene while those cheeky ones shout Charlenee. To her, it
doesn’t matter as long as they are happy. She is happily married to her handsome prince and they have a bunny kid, Little Snowball.
To her, family is the most important in life.

Memoir Title

The Carpenter’s Shophouse

About the memoir

From zero to hero, Papa has been the strongest man I have ever known and during my darkest moments, he is my caregiver, listening ear, advisor, teacher and a verbal discipline master. He has
instilled in me righteous moral values to live by daily. He lets me experience life by learning through trial and errors. I want to thank my Daddy God in Heaven for blessing me with such a wonderful father. I am dedicating this memoir to Papa to leave a legacy for him. In future, I hope to pay it forward by blessing lives and delighting hearts.


Timothy Soh

Artwork: Vestige

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