Oon Sim Sim

Oon Sim Sim is an educator with a Master of Education in the teaching of English Language. She is a lifelong learner who loves languages. She delights in amusing the young with
storytelling, peppered with songs and jokes. When she is not teaching or reading, she enjoys meeting up with friends or honing her speaking skills at Toastmasters International.

Memoir Title

Once Upon a Time at Ballater Close

About the memoir

Once Upon a Time at Ballater Close is a personal memoir that captured nostalgic memories about a familiar place in Queenstown that occupies a special spot in my heart. It was here I had lived the first 13 years of my life. For a short while as an infant, I had stayed at a rented HDB terrace at Dawson Road before moving to and growing up at 25A Ballater Close, Block 43, a 7-storey block that was separated from Princess House, the historical giant, by a fence. The block
also faced the legendary 14-storey Forfar House. Poignant memories of how my childhood experiences and relationships with my loved ones and neighbours shaped my values are also


Rajeswariy Rasoo (Jes)

Artwork: The Strange Familiar

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