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Drawing by KeshuYe

Artists Caravan was founded in 2008.
It is an independent arts collective based in Singapore.

Artists Caravan primary objective is the investigation of the self (refers to the creative individual). The functional role of an artist investigating oneself with a secondary objective within a collaborative setting. These secondary objective is the investigation of subject matters such as othersenvironment including societal values, cultures and its practices.

All three fundamental principles are coexisting interdependent factors which produces infinite results. Although Artists Caravan emphasis is primarily in the process, there are art pieces produced from these processes. Documentations and reflections are strongly encouraged and the principle of using found materials from the environment is strongly emphasized in all projects.

Artists Caravan works with people and spaces. People are communities of artists, students or inhabitants of spaces. Environment are places embedded with its own self generating histories and meanings through time.

Adopting the model as an artists collective, consisting of a group of artists, working together, towards a shared aim. Most often, participating artists come from different backgrounds and disciplines. From their diverse positions, artists are able to support and expand the collective’s projects. As ideas and methodologies develop through interaction. Accumulated well of collective knowledge and relationship-buildings through organised activities to interact with each other, this had also contributed significantly to individual artist’s practice and personal growth.

With responsive, collaborative art making methodology. Artists Caravan aims to achieve collaborative empowerment, expand shared knowledge and create social responsibility and awareness of communities, in effective and ethical approach.

Artists Caravan generally adopts an egalitarian decision making process where each member actively participates in conversations, skills implementations, networking and contribute to the building and outcome of projects. Artists Caravan values friendships and supports one another as individuals and collectively as a whole.     

Artists Caravan is founded by Ong Xiao Yun and Joey Soh P.L

Working Paradigm

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