Whose Practice is it? Art as Experience

This is a joint academic paper written by Ong Xiao Yun and Joey.SPL in 2010, presented and published in 2011


The initial motivation to dwell on the topic of collective art making by using Artists Caravan’s past projects as case studies, derives from a narcissistic, pragmatic and naive perspective to “know ourselves (Artists Caravan) better”. During our research and analysis, we raised such questions as how do we position ourselves as art practitioners such that we can effect signi cant contributions to the betterment of Arts and the wider community, physically and geographically? Additionally, with our working methods of nomadic, collective art-making in public spaces, there is a constant shift of roles, position and concerns through the interaction with different communities and places. The development of these relationships is intertwined such that at the end of the day, we ask whose practice is it? Therefore, this paper explores Artists Caravan’s philosophy as an arts collective, employing Deleuze and Guattari’s notion of the body without organs (BwO) 1 as a means to explore our working paradigm of self, others and place in everyday life.

You can read the full paper in this link:
Whose Practice is it? Art as Experience

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