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Regeneration – Ways of Being Zine #02

Includes handling and shipping to Singapore.| Published: 2022 Dimension: 297mm x 210mm Extent: 44 pages Finish: Paperback Published by: Artists Caravan

SGD 8.00


Regeneration – Ways of Being Zine #02 is a zine that features working process of artists/sculptors. This zine is for those who are curious and interested in the creative thinking and working processes of artists. 

Artists include Cynthia Foong, Syamil Dasuki, Mahyuddin Chan, Yang Jie, Shayne Phua, Ong Si Hui, Joey.SPL and Ong Xiao Yun

Bonus content includes quotes by artists/sculptors such as Victor Tan, Chiew Sien kuan, Yeo Chee Kiong, Lim Soo Ngee, Chen Sai Hua Kuan and Dr Wang Ruo Bing.

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