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    Please share with friends! OPEN CALL for Shoebox Sculpture Biennale 2023 “The Sky, The Land, & The Sea”, the first ever Shoebox Sculpture Biennale in Singapore invites 163 local sculptors to explore the application of traditional sculpture and to imagine contemporary craftsmanship alongside the changing landscape of contemporary art practices in Singapore. PROJECT BRIEF: “Sightseeing Sculpture:…

  • Genetic Landscape Zine

    Genetic Landscape Zine

    Genetic Landscape Zine is currently stocked at Basheer Graphics books. You can find local zines such as mean zines as well as other local publications at Basheer. The Bras Basah complex is one the places to visit for arts books. It is near to National Arts Gallery, Lasalle College of the Arts, Nanyang Academy of…

  • Better Late then never-online exhibition

    Better Late then never-online exhibition

    Better Late than Never, also known as “The Banana Show”, is an online exhibition exploring the different interpretations of art. Featuring works by 30 artists and multiple narratives by ten curators, this project is like an exhibition of exhibitions.

  • Zine Maker’s interview, Notions

    Zine Maker’s interview, Notions

    We did an interview with Singapore artist Lee Ju-Lyn on her art zine, Notions.

  • Genetic Landscape Exhibition

    Genetic Landscape Exhibition

    Originally posted on Jennifer LT Teo: Exhibition poster When Artists Caravan invited us to join the Genetic Landscape project in October last year, I didn’t realise it was going to take so long—not that it’s a bad thing! The slower pace is necessary because many artists have day jobs, and it is also good because…

  • Genetic Landscape Zine E-Launch x Unboxing

    Genetic Landscape Zine E-Launch x Unboxing

    Genetic Landscape is an independent full-coloured zine publication organized, edited and publish by Artists Caravan (AC), featuring 4 members from AC and 9 collaborators from our very own arts village. We chose the zine as an environment for this initiative primarily for the roots and spirit that zines embody.Genetic Landscape Issue 01’s theme engaged our…

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