Genetic Landscape Exhibition

Jennifer LT Teo

Exhibition poster

When Artists Caravan invited us to join the Genetic Landscape project in October last year, I didn’t realise it was going to take so long—not that it’s a bad thing! The slower pace is necessary because many artists have day jobs, and it is also good because there is a lot of time for everyone to think about the theme and work through their own processes of artmaking. Also, with the pandemic, everything just takes a longer time.

Setting up X (15 Stories) (Photo credit: Lee Ju-Lyn)

The Genetic Landscape exhibition is finally up! The artworks shown are developments from the ones in the zine, and as with the publication, there is a diverse range of interpretations of the theme as well as very different aesthetics. It’s also interesting to see all the artworks take form in a physical space.

I really enjoyed working on Genetic Landscape…

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