Category: Arts and writings

  • Writing By Timothy Soh on Regeneration – Ways of Being theme and artists works

    Timothy Soh works with the medium of photography and writings. He had participated in two of Artists Caravan projects, namely, ‘Genetic Landscape’ and ‘WaypostXOXO’. You can find his photos at sgphotoworks

  • Whose Practice is it? Art as Experience

    Whose Practice is it? Art as Experience

    This is a joint academic paper written by Ong Xiao Yun and Joey.SPL in 2010, presented and published in 2011 Synopsis: The initial motivation to dwell on the topic of collective art making by using Artists Caravan’s past projects as case studies, derives from a narcissistic, pragmatic and naive perspective to “know ourselves (Artists Caravan)…

  • Writer’s interpretation on the arts exhibition by Pamela Ng

    This is a piece of writer’s interpretive writing about the theme of Regeneration – Ways of Being by Pamela Ng. Pamela writes about art under the #pampensart on instagram. She has managed, marketed, communicated, curated, facilitated and created forthe arts for over 10 years. Pamela believes in the power of the heart to connect, engage,…

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