Workshop: Distilling hurt through Design by Sharmeen/Sifar

In this workshop, artist Sharmeen/Sifar will lead the participants to create a collective Rangoli-inspired design with text. The text will be a memory of a moment in time, when they felt hurt by words someone told to them, a memory of what age they were when this was said to them. 

Trigger Warning for Personal Trauma. This workshop might be extremely triggering for participants if they have not divulged this information to many people in their life.All materials will be provided. Please bring your own mobile phone for documentation purposes and sharing on social media.

Final collective artwork will be a piece of 40cm X 40cm text based Rangoli inspired design.Limited to 8 persons only.
Cost: Donate as you wish(Recommended $20.00)

Workshop program:15 mins – Introduction to Genetic Landscape Exhibition and Sharmeen/Sifar’s process of creating the work.30 mins – Sharing session with participants15 mins – Collective designing of Rangoli, led by artist20 mins – Participants working on their text design10 mins – Quick Reflection and photo-taking, to post the rangoli on their respective social media platforms. This workshop is held in conjunction with the Genetic Landscape Group Exhibition.


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