Stayhome activity pack
Collaborator: Trained Psychotherapist KeshuYe


Untitled (Lions’ Dreams), Post Museum
Gallery exhibition in Interoptic Gallery


‘Illuminate‘ lead by Tan Beng Chiak and Dr. Wang Ruo Bing, Raffles Girl’s School
Parallel exhibitions with Manicured Nature


Singapore Unity Project in commemoration of International Human Rights Day

Artists/creatives/writers whom had worked with us

  • Wei Tian Fang
  • Michelle Tan Chun Wei
  • Sha Najak
  • Nina Chabra
  • Ngiam Shin Shin
  • T. Shuxia
  • Davis K.K. Lee
  • Grace Jean Foo
  • Wong Ru Yi
  • Kelvin Atmadibrata
  • Vincent Chow
  • Farokh Mohamad
  • Koh Jiaxin
  • Suwong Kunrattanamaneephorn
  • Mel Araneta
  • Long Yinghan
  • Neo
  • Akai Chew
  • Timothy Soh
  • Jennifer Teo
  • Lee Ju-Lyn
  • Liza Markus
  • Ahdindi
  • Rajeswarily Rasoo(Jes)
  • Chan Yi Qian and Rachel Lee
  • Amelia Desmond
  • Jiren Koh(Jai)
  • Cynthia Foong

Collectives whom had worked with us

  • Underneath the Radar
  • Kokoro Projects

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