Listen to Yinghan and AC team discuss about yinghan’s art work for Genetic Landscape Zine #01.

Yinghan’s style of free flowing and intuitive drawings is the subject of discussion in this video interview. Yinghan discussed on her organic process of these drawings which are like visual journals she kept over period of years. Although they can be interpreted as free flowing, some of the drawings were also activated by certain emotive situations. She also discussed about her inspirations such as Edward Hopper and her choice of drawing instruments.

Discussion topics includes:
1. Subconscious and unconscious
2. Art therapy

Listen to Tim  and Shuxia discuss about their art work produced for Genetic Landscape Zine #01.

Both Tim and Shuxia are interested in human conditions, the less visible side of human history in the greater world and they both build their art works through narratives. Tim’s photographs which exposes the layers of inhabited housing debris being the metaphor for time and this time refers to a historical process our nation goes through in nation building. His concern for the lesser voice deafen in the bigger history is a subject much concerned with in oral histories and contemporary artists, although he is not trying to create an archive but rather reflecting on the subject matter through the lives of his own parents. Tim suggesting the ‘icons’ of ‘history’ such as national and cultural symbols viewed through the heuristic device, reveals the interests of social participations surrounding the conversations in our identifications to them. Shuxia is focus on her story telling of zombies, cycles of life and death, the undying,  the ‘magic and mysterious’ of life with mycelium, fungus, butterfly, morning glory, snail, pertified trees are all partners and representations of the human world. While in her narratives creating a mental metamorphosis of coexistence between realms of the living and the undead.  

Discussion topics includes:
1. Histories and histories
2. Interpretations
3. Story telling

Listen to Lee Ju-Lyn and Sharmeen/Sifar discuss about their art work produced for Genetic Landscape Zine #01.

Ju-Lyn and Sharmeen/Sifar both shared their art works relating to their identities and traditional cultural practice. Both shared biographical elements examining bigger environment such as the society and media presentations. They also discussed about the ways they handled the presentation format in print and the considerations in presenting the art work whereby Sharmeen/Sifar utilises additional platforms such as sounds to present her art. They also discussed on aspects of having and using persona and the reasons behind using persona to make their art and etc.

Discussion topics includes:
1. Persona
2. Relationships and the society

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