Lee Ju-Lyn
T. Shuxia
Jireh Koh (Jai)
Cynthia Foong
Jennifer Teo
Ong Xiao Yun
Amelia Desmond
Timothy Soh
Rajeswariy Rasoo (Jes)
Chan Yi Qian &
Rachel Lee

Lynn Wong Yuqing
Koh Gek Ling Emily
francis siew
Lee Seow Ser
Anne Lee Tzu Pheng
Christine Tee
Seah Hui Wen
Yeo Hock Yew
Ng Sok Huang Charlene
Oon Sim Sim
Benedicta J. Foo 

In Waypost Xoxo art exhibition, 12 artists response to 11 memoirs written by participating writers in the Local Ties: Place-based Memoir Workshop from November to December 2020 conducted by Verena Tay at Queenstown Public Library

Come and experience the intersections between literary and visual art forms where meaning-making converge.

This process where the artists’ art making is akin to the symbiotic relationship of mycelium breaking down organic compounds in the environment and turning them into nutrients to build new (physical/neural/metaphorical) structures. What new network and insights can this exchange uncover? What meaningful collective meaning-making might manifest between fellow Singaporean experiences – one as a writer, another as an artist?

In Waypost Xoxo art exhibition, the 12 artists worked through a two fold process:

1. Responding to the writers memoirs
2. Creating their art works to be exhibited using mobile pods

These mobile pods are designed by the Generalists, an emerging multi-disciplianary experiment, led through a collaboration between SAMPO and Edusparc.

In this webpage, you will find information pertaining to the different processes undertaken by artists and NUS-Yale students in this project. From the conceptions of ideas inspired by writers’ memoirs to the making of artworks and experimentations with these modular structural skeleton frame such as the mobile pod to exhibit the artist art works. Creative solutions are explored by collaborating artists of Artists Caravan to use the mobile pods incorporating it as a sculptural/architectural forming part of their art works. As a collective whole, these mobile pods had also morphed itself in-situ with the exhibition site responding to the space of Tampines Regional Library.

These mobile pods designed by The Generalists sees themselves leading a group of 8 NUS-Yale students to work through design process and fabricating the mobile pods for experimental art exhibitions models. Their emphasis was about mobility in space.

Waypost Xoxo is an accumulative living collapsible art exhibition of different ideas, creative solutions, experiments and interconnectivity between people and spaces.

Artists Caravan will like to thank all individuals, organisations and venue sponsor for making this project possible.



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