Ong Xiao Yun

Ong Xiao Yun is an artist based in Singapore, trained in both Fine Arts and Buddhist Studies. She is the co-founder of Artists Caravan, an independent arts collective in Singapore. Her art practice is diverse and practiced through various methods, such as art making, curating and organising thematic or site specific art projects and working with different groups of people in societies. She has also worked with human rights issues and created artworks that address human rights problems in singapore. She is interested in poststructuralism, the commons and with her art practice, attempts to examine abstract structures and frameworks; their relationships and its impacts to the individual and the collective. She is also interested in the living and language of contradictions which she finds is insightful and comedic.


Unstate 05 Series

#05-01 SubTitles

#05-02 Mindmap 06

#05-03 Mixed Sound recording 

#05-04 Mixed Sound recording 

#05-05, 10 Minute Audio interview with Christine Tee about her love of nature


Cardboards, acrylic paints, text, insulation tapes, sound and voice recordings


Artist Statement

This artwork is an assemblage of materials such as cardboards, texts, sound recordings and an audio interview.

The sound recordings are layered with guitar tunes, bird calls, trekking sounds and #05-03 Mixed Sound recording incorporates sample sounds of electro robotics loop rhythms. 

The texts are meant to be read as subtitles branching into both imagination and deep thinking. These conceptual abstractions emerge from the subtle order of everyday life and spaces/places.


Christine Tee

Memoir: My Convent at Victoria Street 

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