Rajeswariy Rasoo (Jes)

Rajeswariy Rasoo (b.1997), a graduate of Lasalle College of The Arts with a BA(Hons) in Fine arts, mainly works within the realms of painting and installations. Rajeswariy’s works usually leverage on evoking feelings or mood, be it through material language or sound and are often labour intensive and time consuming. She engages in a lot of community projects such as mural painting for Alzheimer’s Disease Centre, Yellow Ribbon and Calvary Youth Centre. She has also exhibited in Objectifs, SOTA Gallery and Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore. She is currently keeping herself busy with more community projects as well as navigating the art scene


The Strange Familiar


Mixed medium: Found Objects 


Sewn Objects

Neon rope Lights


Artist Statement

Reading Oon Sim Sim’s writing struck me with a heavy feeling of sentimentality for an era I was not even born in. Their story reminded me and weaved in with the stories my parents would tell me about their lives in the 60s. There are different elements in the work that tie to significant memories from the writer, almost like memorabilia. The work hopes to evoke these different moments with a touch of whimsicality as that is what remembering is. We pine for the days gone and the people we spent our time with, and as whenever we remember it, it changes a little, making us fonder of it each time.


Oon Sim Sim

Memoir: Once Upon A Time at Ballater Close

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